The Right To Die, My View.

So I know this is a controversial topic and I know everyone has different views but this is my blog so I will give my view.

With people appealing to the government for the right to die, its a huge topic in the press right now and I have to say, its something that I feel really strongly about.

I have a friend called Kerry, she has MS too, she is older than me and her MS is alot further along than mine, she is someone I have met very few times however she is also someone who understands just how I feel.

She said something to me the first time I met her which will never leave me. This was, that one day we may be unable to walk, lift or even talk, we may be seen as ‘useless’ however our minds will still be in full thinking order, so essentially we would be trapped inside our own bodies.

I believe for people who have lived life with a severe disability, however they are still of sound mind, should be able to choose whether or not to carry on.

The people behind the decision making have no idea just what these people have gone though, the pain and the loss, always having to find other ways to do things most people take for granted. How can they really make a choice for someone else when they simply have no clue?! 

I know if I ever reach the point where I cannot move, speak or simply do anything myself, I would want to end it. Not because I am selfish but because I would not want to live in a body where I could not even express myself, to not be able to have a conversation with my children and simply just sit waiting to die, starring into space and offering nothing to the world.

I would simply feel like a burden, like I was being kept alive to simply waste away.

Now I am not stupid, although I do believe certain people should be given the right to die, I also believe that the journey to that choice should be a long, carefully managed one.

I believe it should be far from easy and I know changing the law is a tough one, however people living with these severe disabilities are the only ones who really know how they feel, they are living it each day and I completely understand why some have simply had enough.

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