Please, Just GO AWAY!

So here in our little house, we got the chance to make it our own, its adapted for myself, so it really is our forever home.

Now I am aware I am lucky to have this house, there are thousands of families on the waiting list, I appreciate this but at the same time, we did our fair share of waiting. 

Trust me.

Anyway, as this house had not really been “lived in” as such for the last 10 or so years, it has caused us a few problems.

One of which being…..


Now I am not talking some black spots, no. The wall in the bathroom actually leaks water, I kid you not. 

It is on every outside wall of the house (inside of course) and so far, the council have nor really been interested in putting a rush on.

One lady even gave us a leaflet, because apparently we all have this mould and we should be wiping the walls more often?!

Give me a break woman, that is bullshit! 

If she lives with the following in her house, I would be more than surprised!

20130212 123748 300x225 Please, Just GO AWAY! 20130212 123409 300x225 Please, Just GO AWAY! 20130212 123735 300x225 Please, Just GO AWAY! 20130212 123746 300x225 Please, Just GO AWAY!


This is all after repeatedly cleaning the walls, I should not have to do this, apart from the mount of cleaning, it is a health hazard to us all!

I would not expect this in private rented, so I do not expect it from LHA, I pay my rent on time, in full, every month! 


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