Me, The Sister and The Prick In The Car…

When I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis I never thought I would ever come across discrimination, turns out if they can’t see it they don’t believe it. 

Today me and The Sister went shopping, I had to pop to the cash point at our local supermarket to get some cash out, I wanted to do this myself, something as insignificant as this makes me feel proud of myself. 


My sister pulled over on some double yellow lines, firstly I was going to be 3 minutes and secondly I have a badge. I jumped out to the cash machine that was all of two metres away.

I put in my card.

I suddenly heard this almighty horn beep, then again and again, then one long beep.

This prick was beeping my sister, he had room to go round her, she had her hazards on so he was fully aware she was stationary.

She got out as the noise was horrendous and shouted that she was waiting for me and as I was disabled.

His reply? She got over to the cash machine fine…

What the FUCK.

Are you fucking kidding me?!

What do I need a sign?!

I am partially sighted, I am not blind. I went two metres from the car and I was trying to do something for myself. I have learnt to navigate my way round a cash machine and again, to do something for myself means so much. 

No today I didn’t have my crutches as I was not walking far, if at all.

I like to try. I like to try and do things for myself, try and be normal. 

I was so angry and upset. I walked over and showed him my badge.

Minutes before he was revving his car and creeping forward as to say he was trying to run my sister over.

He was a vile and disgusting bastard. 

Just because I was not in a wheelchair meant I was not disabled.

MS is one of those invisible diseases and although to an outsider might look like your fine, inside I am in pain, everyday.

I am in the middle of a relapse. My bladder is shot and the grip in my left hand has taken a hit.

I would love for that prick to walk a day in my shoes, to see my MRI scans and things I go through.

How are people so fucking narrow minded?!

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