GTA5 Is Not For Children.

Its been discussed time and time again, yet parents still think its okay to let there children play GTA5. A game that has been rated 18+

Some might wonder why it matters? Its only a game, right? Yes, it is. However it has that rating for a reason.

Children are just that, children. They are impressionable and always learning, the never miss a thing and they take in every little ounce of life.

I am not against the game if its played by the right person, who is the right age. In-fact I love games, although this one is not one I personally would play, there is just so much going on that I simply couldn’t keep up.

See, it takes concentration. It works every part of the mind and requires the person who plays it to follow the story, much like a film. So letting someone as young as 5 play this game, is just not responsible…

This is me and Pop’s learning her words…

IMGP0473 300x198 GTA5 Is Not For Children.


And here is me showing Pop’s how we must be kind to the puppies and all animals…

IMGP0479 300x198 GTA5 Is Not For Children.


We teach our children everything. From how to sleep and eat, to reading and treating other people or animals in the right way.

I intend to do what I can to keep my children as children for as long as I can, so I struggle to see why there are so many parents out there letting there children play games like these?

Hubby told me about a young boy who was 8. He hung himself after being bullied. Personally, when I was 8 I knew nothing about suicide or how to go about it, and I cannot for life of me see how someone so young came about this?

We really have to remember children learn from doing, they sometimes struggle to separate real life from play, which is why games like these, should be kept for adults.

They should also be kept out of the eye line of children in toy shops…

It sends out the wrong image. A catalogue for games with adult ratings would suffice.

Personally, I would not like my child to think its okay going around beating up prostitutes and belittling women. Or that stealing and taking drugs is ‘normal’ This game gives a frightening view on life and thanks to amazing computer imagery, it looks so very real. 

Now, if you are a parent and you let your underage child play these games and think nothing of it, watch these videos and them tell me its okay…

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