As A Parent I…

As a parent I find myself doing and saying things I would never have said or done had I not become a parent. Do you ever find youself saying something then stopping and thinking “when did this become okay?” Because I do. Alot.

So this is my list of ‘as a parent I’ anecdotes and odd things I have done and said so far, note the so far. 

As a parent I never truly understood the term ‘weeing in public’ now, with two children who don’t know the meaning of SHUT THE DOOR, even when out and about, I know it now and I also know the shame it brings.

As a parent I am okay with finding a bit of poop on myself and shrugging it off, however should I find poop on my children, I immediately stop, clean and change them.

As a parent I now understand the meaning of hunger, due to the fact every time I eat, I have to give share my food with two little sets of sticky hands.

As a parent I find myself explaining things I never really knew I would have to explain. Take for example today, Pops asks me what a fossil is and although I know what it is, I find myself telling her its a dead bug that turned into stone. Which in essence is correct however she then goes on to tell me she is keeping this fossil because she wants to see it come back to life?

As a parent I literally wish I had no sense of smell because then my day would go quicker with a lot less worrying about who has made/created/spilt that smell.

As a parent I now know the art of being too worried about the children, I have been ‘that’ parent on more than one occasion and I know for a fact, it will never leave me.

As a parent I know they answer to every why question and I feel it coming every time the eldest is near.

As a parent I know the feeling of endless guilt. For shouting, swearing, saying no, giving in, not wanting to play, blaming the wrong child and not being the fun parent enough. I live with it day in day out and I hear comfort eating helps ease the guilt. For all parties.

As a parent I know that I have a masters in the art of lying. From where santa washes his clothes to what those sheep in the field are really doing, I could lie my way out of a toy shop with a hoard of children. Fact.

What are yours?!

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